Bonus Features (Blu-Ray)

Ultimate Collector's Edition 4K

Source File Description TypeSegment Map Length Size
01801.mpls Original Treatment by James Cameron Extra818 0:01:19 74.9 MB
01759.mpls Superior Firepower: Making Aliens Extra765,766,767,768,769,770,771,772,773,774,775,939 3:04:59 8.0 GB
01760.mpls Superior Firepower: Making Aliens Enhancement Pods Extra776,777,778,779,780,781,782,783,784,785,786,787,788,789,790,791,792,793,794,795,796,797,798,799,800,938 0:58:31 2.5 GB
01808.mpls Production Footage Extra822,823,824 0:12:51 1.2 GB
01868.mpls Theatrical Trailers Trailer879,880,881,882 0:04:56 479.9 MB
01977.mpls Deleted Scenes DeletedScene841,842 0:05:40 551.9 MB
00258.m2ts The Inspiration and Design of Aliens Extra258 0:30:54 8.1 GB
00878.m2ts Main Title Exploration Extra878 0:03:01 292.6 MB
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